#Wearable airbags are a thing now – an annotated infographic

Yeps, as loopy as it sounds, wearable airbags could be the next big thing for unstable elderly people prone to falling over a lot.

An estimated one in three elderly people fall over each year and many do not recover. Hip bones and other pointy body extremities are particularly susceptible to fractures and such like.

A new belt-like device deploys an airbag around the hips to cushion the wearer in the event of a fall. 3D sensors in the belt detect any sudden gravitational movements and inflate instantly, ideally before the wearer hits the pavement.

ActiveProtective will unveil the airbag belt at the TEDMED medical conference in Washington D.C., USA, which takes place September 10-12 2014.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Wearable airbag protection
Wearable airbag protection

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