New issue of E&T magazine now available online – the Back to School issue

The new issue of E&T magazine is available online now: the Back to School issue.

Yes, it’s that time again for back to school: the three little words every child dreads, but which are as inevitable as the autumn leaves falling. We look at ICT in the classroom and how the new curriculum is a welcome change. It takes the students more ‘under the hood’, from computer architectures to coding. It was a lack of computing graduates that inspired Cambridge technologists to come up with the Raspberry Pi. The new curriculum now allows teachers to use the miniature computer in ICT lessons.

We also look at how more students are taking STEM A-levels and choosing maths over English, with more children also taking engineering GCSEs – just as the courses are about to be phased out. The engineering skills shortage may be worse in the UK than elsewhere but it’s not alone. We look at who is doing what in schools and colleges around the world. Who gets the best education in engineering? Who gets ‘Well Done’ and who ‘Must Try Harder’?

Check out the new issue of E&T magazine online.

E&T: old school
E&T: old school

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