New issue of E&T magazine available online now – the Antarctica issue, conservation vs fossil fuels

The new issue of E&T magazine is available online now: the Antarctica issue.

The Antarctic is the Earth’s last great wilderness, but can we keep it that way? As global warming melts that continental land ice, ironically the region becomes more attractive to companies interested in extracting fossil fuels and countries looking to extend and secure their territories sitting on or near valuable natural resources.

Nations are also readying for take-off in a race to exploit the energy resources of another great uninhabited region, but this one is sustainable and it’s extraterrestrial. Solar power from space is an exciting prospect, but so far it hasn’t got off the ground. Shouldn’t more of our energy needs be met by renewables now, anyway? The UK is lagging well behind its neighbours in its contribution from renewable sources.

While the debate over extra runways for London rumbles on, could electric planes be the answer to the concerns about air pollution and noise? Also in this issue: special effects taking over films; the rights and wrongs of U2 album spam, and how more electronics in cars is causing headaches about safety and security.

Check out the new issue of E&T magazine online.

E&T magazine. Cool.

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