#Microsoft to enter the #wearable technology sphere with new smartwatch – an annotated infographic

Ever-anxious to join in with what looks like a fun party to be at, Microsoft will shortly launch its own wearable device, according to Forbes.

With the likes of Apple, Google and Samsung already making headlines and – more importantly – money out of the wearable technology sector, it was inevitable that Microsoft would chime in at some point with another me-too gadget of its own. Zune, anyone?

According to the Forbes report, the device will be a smartwatch that will passively track a wearer’s heart rate and sync with different mobile platforms, including Apple iOS, Google Android and it’s own native Windows Phone. That seems a smart move on Microsoft’s part, not obliging a user to have a Windows PC or phone in order to use the watch. How it works in practice remains to be seen.

E&T news reported on this latest wearable technology story yesterday. E&T also had a smartwatch special issue of the magazine last year which covered the latest watch technology, both smart digital and smart analogue.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Microsoft: watch out
Microsoft: watch out


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