#Apple HealthKit and Health app aims to spark fitness revolution – an annotated infographic

Whether we like it or not, Apple wants to make us all healthier and more active. Counting our steps, counting our calories, digitally scoffing at our half-baked attempts at fitness – the new Health app is like a disapproving aunt watching over your shoulder, tutting at every anti-health transgression we make.

Apple is making the HealthKit open to third-party health metrics, so any fitness device worn by the user can feed data in to the Health app. Whether its your smart earbuds, a smartwatch or smart fitness socks, you’d better be careful what you wear if all you feel like doing is lying on the sofa and eating cream cakes all weekend.

Naturally, E&T maintains its svelte, racing-snake physique year round, kept active tracking all the latest Apple news and gathering it on to one handy Apple news page so you don’t have to.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Apple Health: keep up, fatty
Apple Health: keep up, fatty

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