Rare first #Apple computer up for sale for over half a million dollars (at least) – an annotated infographic

As if new Apple products weren’t expensive enough, how do you feel about paying (at least) $600,000 for one of the earliest Apple computers ever made, the Apple-1?

The cachet of this particular 40-year-old computer is that it was sold directly to the first owner by none other than Mr Steve Jobs, at a time when he and Steve Wozniak were still working out of Jobs’ adoptive parents’ garage.

The fully functioning Apple-1 computer, personally sold by Steve Jobs for $600 in 1976, is expected to fetch upwards of 600,000 when it goes under the hammer in New York on December 11.

Only 165 Apple-1 computers were sold, with only 61 known to still exist. Of them, only six are still in working condition. The example up for sale is one of this elite and select few.

E&T news reported on this Apple-1 auction story earlier this week. The story has some interesting quotes from the seller and a fascinating life history of this particular computer, so check it out online now.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Apple-1: spendy then, spendy now
Apple-1: spendy then, spendy now

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