New issue of E&T magazine available online now – the Alan #Turing issue, the man behind #ImitationGame

The latest issue of E&T magazine is available online now: the Alan Turing special.

In this issue we explore the enigmatic Alan Turing and his legacy. Nick Smith interviews Andrew Hodges, author of the biography on which the film The Imitation Game was based. Edd Gent looks at progress in artificial intelligence and how closely electronics will need to impersonate the human brain before it can pass the famous Turing Test. Christine Evans-Pughe examines Turing’s late work in morphogenesis and how it’s helping scientists to develop ways to make complex materials build themselves. Was Turing dyslexic or autistic? We shall probably never know, but Crispin Andrews asks the experts, which looks at these conditions’ relationship to engineering.

Elsewhere in this issue, we take a gander at Europe’s ExoMars rover on test in an Earth-bound simulation of the Red Planet, actually located a mere stone’s throw away from the IET building in Stevenage. From a blazing hell on a distant planet to a frozen hell much closer to home, we hear about the difficulties encountered on one group’s mission to traverse Antarctica. There’s also a look at how the much-touted Internet of Things will revolutionise manufacturing and make devices smarter. Plus a whole lot of other stuff that’ll knock your science socks off.

Check it out now.

E&T magazine: huzzah for Alan
E&T magazine: huzzah for Alan

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