#NetflixNights go global as video streaming services pushes in to Australasia – an annotated infographic

Good news for all red-eyed, telly-addicted, insomniac, pop culture vultures down under. Just months after pushing its service further across Europe, Netflix has announced that it will launch its video streaming service in Australia and New Zealand in 2015.

Despite reservations periodically expressed about the quality of the Netflix service from some people – such as the limited breadth of titles on offer and the speed of streaming – this has apparently done little to stop the precipitously upward trajectory of its user base and share price.

Since the company’s IPO in 2002, when shares traded at a modest $15, the price has since peaked at a September 2014 high of $481.56.

We’re no mathematicians, but this is an increase of approximately 5,000 per cent. We’re also no investment specialists, but we feel fairly confident in stating that former Blockbuster execs must be really kicking themselves now for not snapping up Netflix when they had the chance in the year 2000.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Anything on telly tonight?
Anything on telly tonight?

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