New issue of E&T magazine now available online – the analogue edition

In this issue we go old school, keeping it real on the analogue tip. From timeless timepieces, to analogue music gear, to the all-powerful supercomputers of the future, we hear that digital has some way to go before it can completely replace analogue equipment.

We also look at impressive uses for LED lighting; how the legal system is going digital to cut down on paper, and hear that outsourcing overseas is not necessarily always the best option. We check out new network technologies and product lifecycle management, then investigate technology in the fashion world. We also visit Motor City and ruminate on the fall of Detroit, before considering the future of sewage treatment. Plus a whole lot of other stuff that’ll knock your science socks off.

Check out the analogue issue now.

E&T magazine: all analogue
E&T magazine: all analogue

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