#Fiat500X subcompact crossover aimed at American market – an annotated infographic

Having previously pumped up the fashionista’s preferred runaround of choice, the Fiat 500, to produce the oddly unremarkable 500L, Fiat has now launched the funkier-looking 500X.

This subcompact crossover loses more of the 500’s diminutive cute appeal, replacing it instead with sleek muscle and overall capacity in a move to capture more of the burgeoning SUV market.

With small and mid-sized SUVs currently among the hottest-selling vehicles worldwide, this is arguably Fiat’s first model designed with the North American market in mind. They don’t much care for small cars, them Yanks, you see. Automotive manufacturers are thus obliged to pump designs up a bit. Enter the Fiat 500X.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Fiat 500X
Fiat 500X

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