#AppleWatch attracts attention at #CES2015, despite Apple’s absence from the show – an annotated infographic

Apple’s traditional absence from the monstrous, sprawling geek and gadget-fest that is the Consumer Electronics Show in the quaint, understated little burg of Las Vegas has done little to prevent the Apple Watch being one of the hot topics of the week.

Apple itself might not officially be exhibiting, but plenty of other companies are and many of them are frothing excitedly about their accessories for the Apple Watch and other products that integrate with Apple’s HomeKit, the framework in iOS 8 for communicating with and controlling connected accessories in a user’s home.

Marketing firm TapSense is one such exhibitor, which has shown how businesses could attract and engage customers via the Apple Watch (we use the word “engage” largely euphemistically). Apple’s Force Touch interface could be used by advertisers to communicate information and offers to wearers, serving up contextual or location-specific messages.

Adverts in apps, adverts that track you across the web, now adverts on your wristwatch. If all this is starting to remind anyone else of the Futurama scene where Fry and the gang go online and are relentlessly assailed by flying adverts in the virtual world which they have to physically fight off, you are not alone.

Anyhoo, Apple Watch: so exciting, it makes all other gadgets look like crap. That, apparently, is the world’s takeaway from CES 2015.

With this nugget in mind, it is amusing to learn that apparently undercover Apple operatives have been walking the floors of CES, keeping tabs on any companies and products related to Apple Watch. This should not come as a surprise, given Apple’s fastidious, borderline dictatorial approach to quality-control of third-party accessories. Presumably these Apple floorwalkers are Cupertino’s tastemakers mentally preparing themselves for the onslaught of tasteless extensions and add-ons set to besmirch their beautiful Watch creation within seconds of its launch in the coming months.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Apple Watch excites advertisers
Apple Watch excites advertisers


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