#Privacy vs #Security online – read E&T magazine’s Private special issue for the latest tech angles

The new issue of E&T magazine is now available online: the security vs privacy issue, the big interwebs smackdown du jour, roll up, roll up, place your bets now on the big winner.

Security technology is back on the agenda in the wake of the terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine. The public worries about security on the one hand, personal liberties and privacy on the other.The Prime Minister warned against encryption technology that allows truly secret communications and promised legislation, which could mean reviving the bill that protestors dubbed the ‘snooper’s charter’ and would make ISPs store all communications and the means to read them. While politicians debate the limits of state surveillance, many people seem only too happy to give up their privacy in return for cost, convenience and, well, fun.

Security vs Privacy: place your bets
Security vs Privacy: place your bets

Is privacy dead or just redefined? Danny Bradbury discovers young people do in fact care deeply about privacy but not in the same way their parents used to. It’s one reason they favour encrypted and ephemeral social media services like Snapchat. Biometric security has been around for a while but its high cost limited it to areas like national security at airports or government buildings. Now it’s making its way into consumer electronics.

As the plain old Internet evolves into the brave new Internet of Things, who will own the massive amounts of data generated? Who will be able to access that data and for what purpose? Chris Edwards looks to the future to find out what happened to the promise of the Internet of Things and why 2015 is such a pivotal year.

There are those who say you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide. As one speaker pointed out in a debate on big data at the Battle of Ideas in London’s Barbican Centre, we all have something to hide – our private life.

Check out E&T’s Private issue online now.

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