#AppleWatch battery life back in the spotlight – an annotated infographic

Up one day, down the next. 24 hours after the internet’s collective jaw dropped at its $18 billion profit from the last quarter of 2014, Apple today finds itself jerked back from metaphorically luxuriating on a silk mattress stuffed with $1,000 dollar bills atop a solid gold bed with a mink-covered, diamond-studded headboard to answer awkward questions about the battery life of the forthcoming Watch. Or if not actually answer, then at least studiously ignore.

According to the latest guesstimated figures, the battery life of Watch is expected to be Not Very Good. Considering the most likely everyday scenario, if you were to get up in the morning and strap on your Watch, battering the apps on your way in to work and in between e-mails, you’re likely to be recharging it by lunchtime. Blow us away this does not. Is it all in fact a brilliant scheme by Apple to have us buy two Watches: one for the morning and one for the afternoon? Got to keep the quarterly results high, you know. Those solid gold beds won’t buy themselves, will they?

You’d think that Apple could put some of its immense cash reserves and insanely great quarterly profits in to developing new power sources, as opposed to shipping a product that – if these battery rumours are true – is barely fit for purpose. Seriously, is a common or garden lithium-ion battery really the optimum Apple solution? Whatever happened to Think Different?

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Apple Watch battery life, or lack thereof
Apple Watch battery life, or lack thereof



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