Smartphone global market share 2014 – #Samsung down, everyone else up – an annotated infographic

Short and sweet today – unless you happen to be a major shareholder in Samsung.

According to the latest figures, comparing smartphone market share from the last quarter of 2014 with the same period in 2013, the major players all increased market share, apparently at the expense of Samsung.

The Korean kopy kat saw its smartphone market share slide almost 9 per cent, down to 20 per cent overall, with its mobile division posting a wallet-troubling 64 per cent decline in profits. Saying that, it still trousered a cosy $1.8 billion so, you know.

Apple market share increased, natch, to nearly 20 per cent. Lenovo and Huawei also did their parents proud, as did the 43 per cent miscellaneous sellers making up the remainder. Good job, smartphone manufacturing dudes. Samsung – see me after class.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Samsung's problem: no one cares
Samsung’s problem: no one cares

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