#GenevaMotorShow – star cars on show from #Ferrari and more – three annotated infographics

Once again, the world’s automotive manufacturers will shortly be zipping around the picturesque roads of Geneva, casting narcissistic glances at the reflections of their new super cars as they cruise by the placid, mirror-like surface of the adjacent eponymous Lake.

Yes, ’tis time again for the Geneva Motor Show, when many otherwise perfectly sane, grown-up individuals lose their heads and bandy together in huddled groups, to stand slack-jawed and drooling in awe at the latest strategically shaped and painted hunks of metal before them.

Over 220 exhibitors will be showing around 900 cars at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show, roughly 100 of which will be world and European premieres. To make matters worse, over 11,000 media representatives are expected to visit the show. That’s a lot of journalists, which in turn means a lot of media coverage. There’s no escaping it: next week, by hook or by crook, the Geneva Motor Show will be all up in your aerodynamically crafted chrome grille.

Click on the graphics for an expanded view.

Geneva Motor Show 2015
Geneva Motor Show 2015


Ferrari 458: zippy
Ferrari 458: zippy


Ferrari 488 GTB: bungle
Ferrari 488 GTB: bungle

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