#Budget2015 in a nutshell – headline facts, figures and pre-election machinations – an annotated infographic

George Osborne has unpacked his little red suitcase one more time and used his Budget to fire the starting gun on the general election campaign.

Amongst other vote-stealing tactics cynically deployed to win over this country’s more impressionable citizens – those with sieve-like memories who can no longer remember who and what got this country in to the mess it’s currently in – Osborne has announced the end of the annual tax return within the next five years, a cut in road tolls as a boost for high-mileage road-users and measures to give five million pensioners with annuities the right to cash them in from April next year.

Naturally, the open goal of showering cheap booze, fags and petrol on the nation was another pre-election gift that Osborne would have been a fool to miss and he didn’t disappoint. Back of the net.

Politics: really not rocket science.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Here votey, votey
Here votey, votey

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