BTPT: #Bizarre theories and pointless #technologies: the Rotating #Ice Cream Cone

By Becky Northfield

Ever gone into a shop, looked upon a piece of seemingly useless electronic equipment and thought, ‘Well what’s the point of that, then?’

Have you pondered on a theory’s mystery, or downright ludicrousness?

You are not alone…

Each week I will be sharing my thoughts on bizarre theories and pointless technologies.

This week, let us look at a contraption of the basic rotating machine with one of the most senseless technologies to come out of the last decade.

The rotating ice cream cone.

In 2008, the apparent La-Z-Boy of ice cream cones went on sale. The makers of the rotating motorised device, with 2xAA batteries NOT included, would revolutionise (see what I did there?) the ice cream world.

Technology is now enabling things to be easier, and us a little lazier. But this lazy?

Remember when you were young? Remember the trips to the seaside and the long-awaited ice cream cone during a summer day? The way the delicious dessert would begin to melt in the sunshine? You would have to lick the drips on your hands to prevent it getting too messy and then reward yourself the wafer cone. It’s a poignant reminder of my childhood.

This kid is enjoying his ice cream...see the joy on his face?
This kid is enjoying his ice cream…see the joy on his face?

This ‘easy way to have a drip-free ice cream’ was discontinued some time after its 2008 release. Websites no longer stocked the ‘rotating ice cream cone’. I thought maybe, just maybe, this blasphemous ice cream holder had been obliterated. But then I stumbled across something: the Kitsch ‘n’ Fun’s twirling ice cream cone – priced at £7.99. Damn.

If you give this pointless contraption to your child, it would amuse them for a little while. But if they are used to the wafery goodness, they may get miffed pretty quick.

Isn’t the wafer one of the main selling points of ice cream on a cone?

But perhaps for a few summers, it will be a wonderful idea for the kids. The bright plastic comes in four colours, thus there will be one for every mood.

I can hardly contain myself.

Like it? Want it?  Have it!
Like it? Want it? Have it!

I see it like this. If you don’t want the risk the stickiness of the dessert on your hands, put the stuff in a bowl and grab a spoon. Depending on whether you like the edible vessel or not, have a piece of wafer sticking out of the ice cream. Don’t buy something that requires batteries to spin your glob of ice cream around in an incessant circle.

If you’re too lazy to rotate it yourself, you’re too lazy for fun.

You can buy one here, if you wish. But many may judge you silently from afar. You have been warned.


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