@Conservatives push ahead with contentious #Trident nuclear submarine programme – an annotated infographic

In the midst of UK election fever, what better way to throw your incumbent weight around than by committing to the purchase of four shiny new nuclear submarines?

The Conservative Party has decided that what this nation needs more than anything – e.g. better hospitals and schools for everyone, regardless of income levels – are four new Trident missile-armed submarines in order to maintain the country’s nuclear deterrent.

Forgive us for stating the bleedin’ obvious here, as we certainly do not purport to understand the complexities of caretaking our national defence policy, but even the writers of James Bond movies are no longer so stuck in the Cold War-era mentality where Johnny Foreigner bad guys with big missiles and nefarious intent need to be kept at bay with steely British resolve and a submarine chock-full of even bigger missiles. The genuine threat these days appears to come from high-tech hacking cyber-terrorists and unpredictable religious zealots.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Trident: an explosive issue
Trident: an explosive issue

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