Airbus A400M military cargo planes grounded after test flight crash – an annotated infographic

As E&T news reported this morning, fleets of Airbus’ new military cargo plane A400M have been grounded after an aircraft crashed during a test flight in Spain, killing four people aboard.

The plane, a four-engine turboprop, was performing its maiden flight before a planned delivery to Turkey.

According to French newspaper El Pais, the aircraft crashed into a pylon about 1.6km from the San Pablo airport in Seville while attempting an emergency landing.

Airbus has sent a team of investigators to the crash site, but refused to speculate on the causes of the disaster. Spanish investigators have said they have recovered the two flight recorders.

Britain’s Royal Air Force and Germany’s Luftwaffe have both said they would halt operations of the plane until the reasons for the crash become clear. Other NATO countries have also followed this lead.

Read the full story about the Airbus A400M crash.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Airbus A400M grounded
Airbus A400M grounded

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