.@Terminator is back with #TerminatorGenisys – an annotated infographic

If there’s one concept that’s tricky to master, it’s time travel. Monkeying around with the past and the future sure can play havoc with your average cinema-goers grasp of plot.

The Terminator series of films is no stranger to confusing strands, what with robots being sent from the future to get rid of someone in the past so they can’t grow up and affect that future, only for other robots to follow the first robot back from the future and melt his shiny ass in the present, thus protecting the natural lineage of events in the future. We think that about covers it.

Never one to shy away from further film fan discombobulation, the Terminator franchise is at it again with Terminator Genisys, which is apparently the real third film in the series. Not like that old fake third film, no sirree bob. What that film now becomes, Arnie only knows. Seems like it’s high time we had a helpful infographic to explain the convoluted plot twists of the Terminator series. Hey, whaddya know?

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Terminator plot lines: snaky
Terminator plot lines: snaky

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