#HitchBOT could be revived to enjoy further hitchhiking adventures – an annotated infographic

Huzzah! Following the public outcry at hitchBOT’s untimely violent demise in Philadelphia (“City of brotherly love” my arse), the roaming robot’s Canadian creators have floated the possibility of resurrecting his remains and giving the human-trusting bot another shot at fulfilling his road trip dreams. HitchBOT 2, Son of HitchBOT: this time it’s personal.

Having successfully ventured across the entirety of Canada, then enjoyed a European vacation touring around Germany and the Netherlands, hitchBOT was sadly vandalised and destroyed near the start of his maiden trip across the USA. He had dreams of going to San Francisco and wearing flowers in his robot hair, but it wasn’t to be. We hope hitchBOT gets a second shot at making it to California.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Thumbs up for hitchBOT 2
Thumbs up for hitchBOT 2

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