Hallowe’en asteroid spooks Earth on frighteningly close flyby – an annotated infographic

Apparently, Asteroid 2015 TB145 – a big ol’ space rock measuring approximately 320 metres in diameter – passed by the Earth at about 1.3 lunar distances on the night of October 30-31, e.g. Hallowe’en. This was the closest flyby of a space rock since 2006.

Did anyone notice this? E&T was naturally too busy prowling the dark October night streets while dressed as zombie Michael Faraday, pounding on strangers’ front doors and demanding highly sugared confectionery for free, to care.

The Earth being pummelled by a giant errant space rock on Hallowe’en would have been quite the shocker, though. All trick, no treat there, for sure.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Hallowe'en asteroid
Hallowe’en asteroid




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