The ‘genius’ of smart devices at CES Unveiled 2016 #CES2016

The convergence of devices and technologies to produce connected solutions for people of all ages, from preschool children to the elderly, was on display at CES Unveiled 2016, the pre-show exhibition of new products and innovations at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. Wearable technology, fitness trackers, wireless audio solutions, drones, kitchen sensors, smart children’s toys, object trackers and sleep monitors were some of the major trends presented by over 150 companies, ranging from well-established companies to young start-ups with products on display, to companies still crowdfunding the finance for their idea – via such sites as Kickstarter and … Continue reading The ‘genius’ of smart devices at CES Unveiled 2016 #CES2016

Our pick of things to do in January

No excuses for sitting around indoors this month. Whatever, the weather, there’s something going on that’ll give E&T readers and excuse to get out and up to speed with the latest in technology. CES 2016 Las Vegas, 6-9 January Leading up to this year’s consumer tech fest, organiser the Consumer Electronics Association has been highlighting technology that is improving everyone’s quality of life. Its ‘Tech Changing the World’ campaign runs throughout the event, demonstrating how tech on the show floor like 3D printing, unmanned systems, health, smart homes and safe driving benefits people globally and can address some of the … Continue reading Our pick of things to do in January