Virtual reality, immersive experiences and drones in flight at #CES2016

Two of the most popular show areas at CES 2016 are virtual reality – be that immersive and/or augmented – and drones. Inevitably, Oculus Rift dominated the VR space – literally, given the size of Oculus’ enormous two-level exhibition stand – and the lure of the most famous VR headset for show attendees was apparent in their willingness to queue for two and a half hours just to be able to try it for themselves. Of course, Oculus Rift is not the only VR game in town. Other VR projects, such as Google’s Cardboard, are broadening the technology’s reach and … Continue reading Virtual reality, immersive experiences and drones in flight at #CES2016

Hearing the C word at #CES2016

If there’s one constant thread underpinning almost everything at CES, it’s the question of being connected. Not in a 1940s Vegas Mob sense, you understand, but in the sense of any new device not being enough of a draw on its own if it can’t also chit-chat with other devices and thus offer additional, enriching functionality. Sometimes this additional functionality can seem somewhat arbitrary – such as the Wilson X Connected Football, which is a regular American Football equipped with a built-in smart sensor to measure distance, speed, spiral efficiency and catch/drop ratio – but there is a clear convergence … Continue reading Hearing the C word at #CES2016