#OculusRift launch date getting closer – #VR fans getting frothy for March 28 – an annotated infographic

Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset developed by a subsidiary of Facebook, is taking pre-orders for its hardware, due to ship on March 28.

The level of excitement in the tech sphere can be gauged by the three-hour wait in line at CES 2016 that VR fan boys were prepared to patiently endure, simply for the opportunity to try out a Rift headset.

Think about that: THREE HOURS. That’s like watching two English football matches in full, back to back. Or one Superbowl 50.  Make a note of the time on your clock right now and then stand up and DO NOTHING for the next three hours, other than occasionally shuffling forward a few inches.

At the end of that experience, put on a hat for 10 minutes. After that time, have a friend come and ask you to remove the hat and leave the room. Your time with the hat is over. If you enjoyed wearing the hat, your only options now are to either rejoin the queue and spend another three hours waiting to try the hat on again or plunk down your wedge on a pre-order, so you can purchase a hat all of your own that you can wear any time and no one can come and ask you to take it off.

That’s how crazy VR tech heads are about Oculus Rift.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Oculus Rift: virtual insanity
Oculus Rift: virtual insanity

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