#Space is the place for the new issue of E&T magazine – reusable rockets, space tourism, asteroid mining – available online now

Blast off into space with the new issue of E&T – now online!

Holidays in space have long been a science fiction dream, but now that there are private companies vying to take bookings for the first trips it is no longer impossible. In this issue we take a look at some of the items on the ‘to do’ list for anyone preparing to holiday in space. Our technology editor, Katia Moskvitch, interviews a man who is ready and waiting with no less than three tickets – one for each space tourism company currently taking bookings.

For space tourism to take off it has to be economic, but disposable rockets don’t come cheap. Our aerospace technology correspondent Mark Williamson looks at the progress towards reusable rockets. Another engineering problem is how to refuel in space. Holly Cave looks at some ambitious plans to mine for asteroid water.

Also in this month’s space special, the future of space docking 50 years after the first successful dock, how out-of-this-world technology is helping to feed the world and why Europe is building a revolutionary new space data highway.

To infinity and beyond!

Space is the place
Space is the place

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