IET events this April – #engineering and technology dates for your diary


This month there’s a great selection of technical visits being held by IET Local Networks (LNs). These include tours of the National Composites Centre in Bristol, a chance to look around a National Grid 400kV substation and a visit to Airbus to discuss engineering challenges in the Martian environment.

There are also several events taking place outside of the UK, including a number of lectures, seminars and visits across Hong Kong.

During April some great workshops are also happening that may help improve your technical or soft skills, around topics as varied as the BBC micro:bit and public speaking.

Below are a few of our highlights for the month, but also be sure to check out the full IET events listings to find out about everything taking place near you.

07 April, Present Around the World heat, Reading, competition

09 April, IET Career and Professional Congress, Hong Kong, seminar

12 April, National Grid 400kV substation visit – Skelton Grange, visit

13 April, Lifeskills: want to become professionally registered?, Birmingham, workshop

13 April, National Composites Centre, Bristol, visit

16 April, Coding the future, Swindon, workshop

19 April, Quantum computing, How to build a really cool computer, Derby, lecture

20 April, Carbon capture pilot plant, Imperial College London, London, visit

21 April, Lifeskills: back to basics with presenting, Slough, workshop

23 April, Hong Kong observatory, Hong Kong, visit

26 April, Drones – game changers or just boys’ toys?, Birkenhead, lecture

27 April, Going beyond games, London, seminar

27 April, Airbus – engineering challenges in the Martian environment, Stevenage, lecture and visit

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