#Brexit repercussions ripple across Europe – EU power struggle builds – an annotated infographic

The Brexit reverberations continue. As if things haven’t been made complicated enough in Great Britain by the result of the referendum, now the remaining EU nations find themselves sliding in to an ideological power struggle that could easily culminate in the implosion of the concept of the EU as a unified group of countries.

The battle for Europe’s future pits Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Parliament President Martin Schulz — both of whom want deeper European integration — against EU heads of state, led by Angela Merkel, who want to repatriate rights from Brussels.

E&T has been following the Brexit impact on the science and engineering communities.

E&T also reported on how a working group of the key UK engineering organisations has been formed to lobby government for the most favourable EU deal.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Talking heads
Talking heads




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