#Nintendo #Switch console details revealed – an annotated infographic

January 16, 2017

Nintendo’s Switch console, the successor to the beleaguered Wii U, and its big bet on the future of video games, has been revealed in full.

It is set to go on sale in the UK on 3 March for £279 and features an adaptable design allowing for greater portability than its rivals.

E&T covered the Nintendo Switch news announcement in full last week.

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IET events this January – #engineering and technology dates for your diary

January 4, 2017


Happy New Year! The holidays are over and now it’s time to tackle the next 12 months head on! You may have given yourself some New Year’s resolutions already, but we’re throwing another one out there for you to consider – why not make the most of the opportunities the IET provides by attending some of its many events taking place across the UK and beyond?

This month we’ve got Lifeskills workshops galore, covering everything from presentation skills and CPD through to networking and project management, plus many interesting lectures and technical visits. There’s also several conferences taking place, including a two-day event in London looking at the exciting area of horizontal innovation.

Below are a few of our highlights for the month, but also be sure to check out the full IET events listings to find out about everything taking place near you…

05 January, Professional registration workshop, Reading, workshop

10 January, Lifeskills: Back to basics with presenting, Swindon, workshop

11 January, Future control of the grid, Edinburgh, lecture

17 January, Space robotics: past, present and future, Brighton, lecture

18 January, Specification writing, London, course

18 January, Technical visit – National Grid, Wokingham, visit

18 January, Energy from Waste plant, Plymouth, visit

25 January, New opportunities in manufacturing, Glasgow, seminar

25 January, Starship engineering, Telford, lecture

26 January, Introduction to TRIZ, London, course

30-31 January, Horizontal innovation, London, conference

Kablammo!! #Trump will have his finger on the #nuclear button – an annotated infographic

December 13, 2016

All of this would be funny if it weren’t actually true…

When Donald Trump becomes the next US President (yes, this is really happening, it’s not all a surrealist nightmare), he will immediately have access to, and sole launch authority for, all of America’s nuclear weapons.

Trump will be accompanied at all times by a military aide carrying what is known as the nuclear ‘football’, the US loving nothing more than an inappropriately trivial sporting reference to refer to a catastrophically devastating act of destruction. This is, after all, the same country that based its judicial system for incarceration on a baseball analogy: three strikes and you’re out (actually meaning in, jail, for life). What next? Referring to the death penalty by lethal injection as ‘a hole in one’?

Anyway, this nuclear ‘football’ contains all the necessary documents and codes for vaporising enemies of the States.

We now can’t help thinking of Kenny Everett’s General Cheeseburger character and catchphrase, all of which now seems eerily prescient and ominously prophetic.

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#Trump calls for new $4 billion Air Force One contract to be cancelled – an annotated infographic

December 13, 2016

In the wacky world of Donald Trump’s America, the approach to policy appears to lurch wildly from the reasonably sensible to the fundamentally insane. That, it appears, is the contrary nature of both The Donald’s broad, straight-talking appeal and the very real threat he poses in creating a Disunited States of America.

One of his latest wheezes/random brain dumps blurted out to share with the world concerns Air Force One – which will be Trump’s very own tricked-out personal plane, come January 2017 – and the prohibitively high cost of renewing said fleet.

On the face of it, this seems like a rational decision. Why spend $4 billion on a new fleet of planes, just for the President’s use? Trump isn’t wrong in suggesting there are better, more important things that money could be spent on. The caveat is what Trump considers to be a more important use of $4 billion.

Like watching an awful accident in slow motion, we fear to look and yet we cannot turn away.

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Nintendo’s @SuperMarioRuns set to hit #iPhone App Store this week – an annotated infographic

December 12, 2016

Super Mario Run for Apple’s iPhone and iPad is forecast to be an historic mobile game launch – quite possibly bigger even than the Pokémon Go phenomenon.

As we all now know, Nintendo didn’t actually develop Pokemon Go and don’t make much money from it. The big winner there is Niantic.

Super Mario Run, on the other hand, Nintendo’s own game, is predicted to smash all manner of App Store records, with successive generations of gamers who grew up helping the diminutive Italian plumber pick up coins while avoiding malevolent mushrooms are primed and ready to snap up Mario’s inaugural mobile iOS appearance.

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Nominet and Microsoft to bring broadband to rural Africa – an annotated infographic

December 8, 2016

Nominet and Microsoft have announced a partnership to deliver broadband across the African continent, using Nominet’s TV white space database and dynamic spectrum-management technology, along with Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, to bring low-cost terrestrial wireless broadband internet to remote and rural communities.

Advances in TV white space broadband technology have allowed disused TV channels to be repurposed as wireless internet connections.

E&T was at the recent IoT launch event for this Nominet and Microsoft collaboration. You can read that story in full on the E&T web site.  There’s a video and everything.

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TV white space for African broadband

IET events this December – #engineering and technology dates for your diary

November 30, 2016

december iet events‘Tis the season for joy and merriment, and the IET is getting in on the action by offering a number of fun, family Christmas lectures across the UK this month. There are also a number of different social events taking place for IET members of all ages and walks of life, including quizzes and Christmas parties.

But if you’re more interested in education than entertainment, the IET still has something to suit your needs. Both soft skill and technical workshops are on offer throughout December, plus a number of technical visits are taking place all across the globe, including a trip to SBB Zurich main station and a chance to go behind the scenes of London Bridge’s redevelopment.

Finally, the IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year  award ceremony takes place on 1 December, so keep your eyes open for all the news on the winners!

Below are a few of our highlights for the month, but also be sure to check out the full IET events listings to find out about everything taking place near you…


01 December, IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards, London, competition

06 December, IET Scotland Christmas Lecture: What goes up might come down, Edinburgh, lecture

06 December, Lifeskills: Back to basics with presenting, London, workshop

10 December, Open day at IET London: Savoy Place, visit

12 December, Ask the engineer – the engineering of toys, Reading, lecture

13-15 December, Engineering Biology Conference

16 December, A room with a boom: Christmas family lecture, Bristol, lecture

16 December, IET and BCS Young Professionals Christmas party, London, social event

17 December, Customer technical centre in 3M HK, Hong Kong, visit

19 December, SBB Zurich Main Station, Zurich, visit


#Trump rides the Beast all the way to the White House – @RealDonaldTrump gets a brand-new @Cadillac – an annotated infographic

November 29, 2016

Donald Trump will ride from his presidential inauguration in a brand new version of the current Cadillac-branded state limousine.

“The Beast” boasts all current hi-tech security features, along with technology upgrades.

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Trumps Cadillac

#Google Glass this is not – @Snapchat video @Spectacles go on sale – an annotated infographic

November 11, 2016

Snapchat, the imaging messaging service, has begun selling sunglasses which can record videos of what the wearer is seeing, in 10-second segments.

Snap, Inc. are hoping for success where Google failed with its own video glasses (aka Glass), which were roundly lambasted and eventually discontinued in 2015.

E&T looked at the reasons why Glass got cancelled last year.

Snapchat is taking a typically wacky approach to retailing for Spectacles, selling them directly out of custom vending machines that have popped-up in California.

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India and Russia to build new stealth warplane – an annotated infographic

November 11, 2016

After repeated delays, India and Russia are hoping to finalise an agreement to jointly develop a new stealth jet under the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) project, based on Russia’s T-50 prototype.

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