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Kazan, Russia’s most dangerous nuclear attack submarine – an annotated infographic

April 19, 2017

Russia has floated its newest nuclear-powered multi-purpose attack submarine. The launch of Kazan, considered a counterpart to U.S. Seawolf and Virginia-class, comes as Moscow claims its submarine fleet has increased combat patrols to levels last seen during the Cold War.

The Kazan is the first upgraded Project 885M Yasen-class attack submarine.

Equipped with eight vertical missile launchers, it can deliver Kalibr or Oniks anti-ship and land-attack cruise missiles – significant after Russian ships and submarines fired long-range missiles from the Caspian and the Black Sea into Syria in 2016.

For the first time in Russian shipbuilding, the torpedo tubes are located not in the bow but just forward of the sail or fin, making room for a large Irtysh-Amfora spherical sonar system in the bow.

The Yasen subs also have six 650mm and two 533mm torpedo tubes that can also deploy mines and launch underwater drones.

Russia plans to build a total of seven Project 885M submarines. Goody, goody gumdrops.


What is the future of Unmanned Aerial Systems?

September 23, 2013

We have visited this year’s Defence and Security Event in London and asked some of the industry insiders about the future of Unmanned Aerial Systems.

There are few technologies surrounded at the same time by such anticipation and controversy. They represent the first level in the evolution of autonomous killing machines, helping military forces in armed conflicts to wipe out their enemies without men having to pull the trigger and put their own lives at risk.

Some fear their stealthy presence above our heads could threaten our privacy – collecting sensitive information about us far more efficiently than Google Street View.

We think that some of these systems are quite cool – enabling surveying archaeological sites or power lines, spraying crops and searching for missing people far more cost-effectively than manned aircraft.

And what do you think about the UAVs?

Watch our video: