#CloudComputing – research material and resources available from the IET Library #Cloud

The IET Library has a huge resource in e-books, articles and reports and books in print and more on cloud computing.  Now’s the time to get stuck in, expand your knowledge, do some research! Do you want to know what cloud computing is all about? Have a look at Faulkner databases Faulkner’s Advisory on Computer and Communications Technologies (FACCTs) which has trends, concepts and how big companies such as IBM are handling it. The Engineering and IT reference Library has some great books on cloud computing such as Cloud Computing: A Practical Approach by Anthony T. Velte et al 2010.  … Continue reading #CloudComputing – research material and resources available from the IET Library #Cloud

Flame virus for Windows targets Middle East – an annotated graphic

Malicious software gets uber-malicious: the Flame computer virus has reportedly 20 times as much code as the Stuxnet worm that attacked Iran’s nuclear program in 2010. The accompanying graphic here documents the current spread of Flame as it blazes a trail across the world, scorching a virulent path through the internet, turning up the heat on anti-virus companies, etc. Sorry, got a bit carried away with the whole flame metaphor there. Anyway, click on the graphic for an expanded view.   Continue reading Flame virus for Windows targets Middle East – an annotated graphic

Coming to a screen near you: ‘eEnders’?

David Cameron’s vision of a Silicon Valley-style technology hub in London’s Shoreditch district shows spunkiness. Whether the commercial property agents struggling to let empty office space further east in Docklands will share the PM’s enthusiam, however, has yet to be seen. Local coffee shops with E1 and E2 postcodes should be happy, though, according to the BBC’s ever-insightful technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones: “The start-up crowd, sipping cappuccinos in Shoreditch cafes, has been given a wake-up call from the very highest levels of government,” he blogs Hats off, meanwhile, to HCL Technologies’ director Bindi Bhullar, who has been fast off the mark to coin the tag ‘eEnd’ to … Continue reading Coming to a screen near you: ‘eEnders’?

ISP plans for 50%+ World Cup online traffic spikes

Early group matches indicate that the 2010 FIFA World Cup could generate the highest online traffic in the UK of any event to date, according to data centre Internet traffic stats from business ISP Star; indeed come the England versus Slovenia joust on 23 June unprepared ISPs (and their customers) could experience more than a wee bit of contention of their own. Read the full E&T story here. Continue reading ISP plans for 50%+ World Cup online traffic spikes

World’s first computer-virus infected human is non-threat, non-story

The University of Reading’s latest attempt to flog flaky ‘research’ into the public domain has, predictably perhaps, backfired. Dr Mark Gasson (pictured, left), from Reading’s School of Systems Engineering, home to Reading’s notorious Cybernetic Intelligence Research Group, is claiming to be ‘the first person in the world to be infected by a computer virus’: a RFID chip which had been inserted into his hand as part of ‘research into human enhancement and the potential risks of implantable devices’ of the kind placed in pets was deliberately infected by malware; but not the kind of malware that is commonly found in … Continue reading World’s first computer-virus infected human is non-threat, non-story

Outsourcery claims IT ‘AshBalls’ first

The first example of technology PR referencing the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull’s dust plume besetting UK air travel has just drifted into E&T‘s email Inboxes. Hats-off to the annoyingly-named unified communications services provider Outsourcery for seizing the opportunity to leverage the national crises as a hook to plug an event that it’s hosting next week. Volcano dust ‘flight chaos’ fails to disrupt technologically savvy SMEs The fall out (literally) from the Icelandic volcano dust continues to ground all flights in the UK and Europe with the consequence that business travel has been severely affected due to flight cancellations.  However, the growing number of ‘technology savvy’ organisations … Continue reading Outsourcery claims IT ‘AshBalls’ first

Supine tigers, gaping maws

Thomas ‘Ecademy’ Power is back, bringing a welcome voice of experience and caution to the gung-ho geekery permeating the Social Media World Forum. As enterprises gush and rush to embrace Twitter to drive core sales, Facebook to build critical customer communities, and LinkedIn to consolidate valued B2B relationships (and find key staff to recruit) how many CIOs consider the fact that all that irreplaceable data that they are basing so much sales and marketing activitiy on does not actually belong to them? It belongs to yer Twitters, Facebooks, YouTubes, LinkedIns, etc.  And as they -the socnet platforms – introduce new … Continue reading Supine tigers, gaping maws

It’s official: Web stress messes brain

The scourge of Web stress is nothing new, but IT management company CA has public’d what it claims is the first neurological study of consumer reactions to a ‘poor online experience’.  Working with consultancy Foviance, the study analysed brain wave activity from volunteers tasked with purchasing products and services online over a ‘standard’ 2Mbps broadband link. CA admits that there are many factors inveighing on a website’s ‘responsiveness’, and acknowledges that Web stress is a longtime ‘known problem’ in respect to online user experience. What the new research is supposed to prove is that bad browsing due to crappily-designed websites … Continue reading It’s official: Web stress messes brain