Jobs’ ‘Star Trek’ videocall gaffe

‘iPhone brings Star Trek to the modern world’ claims the Times story headline: Apple has placed video calling at the centre of its new iPhone, [a feature that] that got the 5,000 crowd at the Worldwide Developers Conference most excited. Steve Jobs, founder and chief executive of Apple, introduced the new service to whoops of delight when he called to Jony Ive, the company’s British-born designer. “I grew up with The Jetsons and Star Trek, just dreaming about video calling. Now it’s real,” Mr Jobs said. However, as any Trekkie know, the handheld devices features in the cult sci-fic series were … Continue reading Jobs’ ‘Star Trek’ videocall gaffe

Most Irritating Media Clichés – Part 1

E&T’s Buzzword Editor Mark Eting has just published his latest index of 36 Most Irritating Media Clichés. The Top 12 comprises: 1. The Elephant in the room 2. Poster boy / poster girl 3. In spades 4. Step change 5. Zero sum gain 6. Outcomes 7. Codify 8. Traction 9. Conflate 10. Devil is in the detail / details 11. Imprimatur 12. Motherhood and apple pie Love ’em? Hate ’em? Commentaries, s’il vous plait… A dozen more skirmishes in the war against clichés coming up next week. Continue reading Most Irritating Media Clichés – Part 1

AshBalls #2: ‘Stuck abroad? Get luggage home more easily’

More Eyjafjallajokull AshBalls from hi-tech luggage vendor LiveLuggage (you can just imagine Monty Python’s Graham Chapman speaking this over tinkly background musak…) As thousands of stranded passengers have found out during the travel chaos, being stuck abroad is bad enough, without having walk miles with luggage. Power-assisted and anti-gravity cases from Live Luggage help take some of the strain out of this situation. A new breed of case chassis with a patented ‘Anti-Gravity’ handle system. Easily manoeuvrable case which feels almost weightless when fully loaded.  Live Luggage features power-assisted wheels with in-built pan-cake motors for power-assistance for going up gradients. … Continue reading AshBalls #2: ‘Stuck abroad? Get luggage home more easily’

‘Acidhead Dr Who’ secret unearthed

Another attempt to spin even more interest in the new series of Dr Who by raking over old internal BBC memos, has been revealed by a confidential BBC News Web story. Among secrets from the programme’s past – disinterred from BBC archives by the BBC publicity department – is the revelation that the Doc’s first regeneration was designed to be modelled on a bad acid trip. Continue reading ‘Acidhead Dr Who’ secret unearthed

Strange daze for Jim Morrison spotters?

It’s a hardly-known fact that in the same way that Fab Four fans could buy Beatle wigs and suits, a limited amount of merchandising around their Stateside contemporaries The Doors was also released. Costing $4.95 in 1969, the ‘realistic-looking’ Jim Morrison wig/beard combo transformed any wannabe Lizard King into an approximation of the iconic frontman. A pair of squeaky snakeskin slacks, and jug of cheap Californian wine to swig from, completed the ensemble. Although taken off the market when the great man died in 1971, Jim Morrison beard/wigs sets do occasionally come up on eBay. Little wonder then that the authenticity that some newly-discovered footage … Continue reading Strange daze for Jim Morrison spotters?