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#Exploding #Samsung #GalaxyNote7 battery issue – new lithium-ion non-exploding solution – an annotated infographic

January 25, 2017

Scientists have developed a lithium-ion battery that contains a fire-extinguishing element which is released if the battery overheats.

This could be crucial for all manner of applications: not just exploding smartphones, but also electric vehicles.

E&T news recently covered Samsung’s official explanation of why the Galaxy Note 7 batteries had a tendency to explode.

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Self-extinguishing Li-ion battery

Self-extinguishing Li-ion battery

Smartphone global market share 2014 – #Samsung down, everyone else up – an annotated infographic

February 3, 2015

Short and sweet today – unless you happen to be a major shareholder in Samsung.

According to the latest figures, comparing smartphone market share from the last quarter of 2014 with the same period in 2013, the major players all increased market share, apparently at the expense of Samsung.

The Korean kopy kat saw its smartphone market share slide almost 9 per cent, down to 20 per cent overall, with its mobile division posting a wallet-troubling 64 per cent decline in profits. Saying that, it still trousered a cosy $1.8 billion so, you know.

Apple market share increased, natch, to nearly 20 per cent. Lenovo and Huawei also did their parents proud, as did the 43 per cent miscellaneous sellers making up the remainder. Good job, smartphone manufacturing dudes. Samsung – see me after class.

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Samsung's problem: no one cares

Samsung’s problem: no one cares

#AppleWatch launch may be delayed – manufacturing issues – an annotated infographic

October 7, 2014

So not everything goes Apple’s way. On a day when the world has been openly gawking with car-crash fascination at Samsung’s announcement of a projected 60 per cent collapse in its smartphone profits for Q3 this year, details have emerged of a fly in Apple’s Watch ointment that may delay production and launch.

GT Advanced Technologies, the makers of the watch’s toughened Sapphire Crystal screen, unexpectedly filed for bankruptcy. No screen: no Apple Watch. It’s a rum old business, really, as you’d think a company that had potentially secured a lucrative revenue stream with the world’s pre-eminent high-end gadget brand would be immune to such financial ruin.

More details will undoubtedly emerge over time (no Watch pun intended). Will Apple move to secure its own supply chain, instead of having to rely on third-party suppliers?

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Apple Watch: it's about time

Apple Watch: it’s about time

#Apple #iPhone6 is a new threat to Samsung’s sliding market share – an annotated infographic

September 5, 2014

It’s been a topsy-turvy week for Apple, first with the news that it was probably a vulnerability in its iCloud service that was exploited in order to winkle out amateur-ish, pseudo-saucy photos of foolish celebrity ladies; then the news that it probably wasn’t iCloud’s fault; to finally the announcement from its 2012 arch eco-nemesis Greenpeace that Apple is now looking pretty spiffy in the renewable energy department – much classier than Microsoft, Google and Amazon, for instance.

Now with the iPhone 6 launch imminent, Apple is looking forward to giving its most-hated market rival Samsung a sound kicking in the finances. Seen by many as the Android foil to Apple’s iOS devices, Samsung has already lost seven per cent of its global smartphone market share in the last 12 months. The launch of the super-sized iPhone 6, along with a possible iWatch, could see the stock price of the Korean tech giant/serial intellectual property appropriator slide further south – and this in spite of, or possibly because of, the release of such nonsensical gadgetry as the Samsung Gear VR headset.

Apple’s stock, naturally, is at an all-time high.

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Apple iPhone 6 threat to Samsung

Apple iPhone 6 threat to Samsung

Next Apple #iPhone to have curved glass edges and choice of screen sizes – an annotated graphic

November 14, 2013

A 21st-century day just wouldn’t feel complete without an Apple iPhone rumour, so without further ado here’s a new one to chew on: iPhones with curved glass edges. Ooh, and a choice of screen sizes, too. Just like, err, arch-rivals Samsung’s product range (those guys are back in court again…). Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we hereby present to you the Apple iPhablet. Possibly.

Apparently frustrated at the visible bezel around the iPhone screen edge, Apple is rumoured to be working on curved-glass edges to rid their flagship mopho of unsightly edges. Presumably visible bezels are the tech design equivalent of VPL. In tandem with the smoothy smoothness, another rumoured idea is a larger screen size.

Personally, your correspondent is not impressed with the ever-expanding size of what are still at heart mobile phones. It’s not like the human head is getting any longer or wider. Saying that, a mobile handset shaped like the old GPO 746 dial telephone would be officially Awesome. That was a really comfortable fit for the human head. And you could rest it between your cheek and your shoulder very easily while you wrote something down. Beats holding something flat the size of a paperback book to the side of your head any day.

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New iPhone design rumours

New iPhone design rumours

#Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch – an annotated graphic

September 5, 2013

The future is finally here! Wristwatches that do more than tell time, date and/or depth above and below sea level!

Casio enthusiasts who hankered after nothing more than the ability to calculate basic arithmetic on the hoof have been satisfied for decades, of course, but for those who crave more from a timepiece – photos! social media! pulse rate monitor! – will have been delighted at the announcement this morning by Samsung of its Galaxy Gear smartwatch at Berlin’s IFA show.

E&T naturally had the Galaxy Gear news covered in detail this morning, with some lovely photos to boot. Check it out!

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Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch

New #Apple iPhones under consideration – an annotated graphic

June 20, 2013

Whilst this is all pure conjecture, people are positing Apple’s next move to a range of cheaper, smaller iPhones in the battle for marketplace supremacy vs arch-rival Samsung.

Given Apple’s preference for premium products, it seems unlikely that we’ll see a $99 plastic iPhone – that would be even cheaper than an iPod touch. Then again, looking at the colour concept in the graphic here and looking at the new graphic style of iOS7, the two would seem to go together nicely. If it happens, you’ll find us at the head of the queue. Who could resist one at a price like that?

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Apple looking at the bigger picture

Apple looking at the bigger picture

#Apple #iWatch and #Samsung on the up – two annotated graphics

March 18, 2013

You can’t rest on your laurels for a second in the dog-eat-dog – or at least dog-surpass-dog – world of high-tech electronic gizmos and doodads. It’s not enough merely to come out with an iPhone 5 or iPad Mini or Galaxy SIII or Chromebook or what have you. Whoever you are, one’s competitors are always there, right behind you, snapping at your iHeels.

With this in mind, we have two infographics along these lines to share today. The first concerns Apple’s rumoured iWatch, the inevitable next must-have gadget; the second details Apple’s market share bare-knuckle fist-fight with Samsung and Google, both of whom are openly admiring of Apple’s lunch and express a keen desire to eat it. The iWatch must therefore fulfill its destiny to become the next weapon of mass ifunction for Apple in the war for the world’s wallets.

Update! E&T has reported the news from Samsung that it is planning some sort of super-techno watch as well. Now the competition is so fierce that even ideas and concepts can be trumped by one’s rivals! Our dynamically updated Apple news page is always worth a look to easily keep abreast of such twisty turny tech developments.

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TECH: Apple ÒiWatchÓ rumours gather pace

Apple under pressure from Samsung and Google

Apple under pressure from Samsung and Google

#SamsungGalaxyS4 – an annotated graphic

March 14, 2013

With the tech world positively agog at the announcement of the new Samsung Galaxy S4, and leaked details slipping out all over the interwebs, we present this infographic positing the likely tech spec. How on the money will this prove to be? Time will, quite literally, “tell”.

E&T news covered the Samsung announcement earlier today, including the teaser promotional image of the Galaxy S4.

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Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung record profits in Q4 2012 – an annotated graphic

January 11, 2013

Despite the ongoing, seemingly endless, legal wrangles with Apple, there has been good news of late to put an extra spring in the step of Samsung representatives on its CES booth.

Profits for the fourth-quarter in 2012 were the company’s highest ever, as its operating profit surged upwards by a gargantuan 89 per cent to approximately $8.3 billion. No wonder the company can afford to retain a coterie of expensive lawyers to complement Apple’s coterie of expensive lawyers.

Samsung’s profit was driven by phablets (yes, it’s a real word now) and chips, with analysts also positive about the South Korean tech giant’s ability to sell even more phones in 2013 than the 500 handsets a minute it was shifting in 2012.

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Samsung record Q4 2012 profits

Samsung’s record Q4 2012 profits