My blackberry is not working

For anyone that missed it, here’s the Ronnie Corbett and Harry Enfield sketch from the Christmas special about problems with technology. If you’ve already seen it, it bears repeating – especially for the final gag. It’s fork handles for the iGeneration. Continue reading My blackberry is not working

Jobs’ ‘Star Trek’ videocall gaffe

‘iPhone brings Star Trek to the modern world’ claims the Times story headline: Apple has placed video calling at the centre of its new iPhone, [a feature that] that got the 5,000 crowd at the Worldwide Developers Conference most excited. Steve Jobs, founder and chief executive of Apple, introduced the new service to whoops of delight when he called to Jony Ive, the company’s British-born designer. “I grew up with The Jetsons and Star Trek, just dreaming about video calling. Now it’s real,” Mr Jobs said. However, as any Trekkie know, the handheld devices features in the cult sci-fic series were … Continue reading Jobs’ ‘Star Trek’ videocall gaffe

Supine tigers, gaping maws

Thomas ‘Ecademy’ Power is back, bringing a welcome voice of experience and caution to the gung-ho geekery permeating the Social Media World Forum. As enterprises gush and rush to embrace Twitter to drive core sales, Facebook to build critical customer communities, and LinkedIn to consolidate valued B2B relationships (and find key staff to recruit) how many CIOs consider the fact that all that irreplaceable data that they are basing so much sales and marketing activitiy on does not actually belong to them? It belongs to yer Twitters, Facebooks, YouTubes, LinkedIns, etc.  And as they -the socnet platforms – introduce new … Continue reading Supine tigers, gaping maws