Malaysia Airlines #MH17 – airlines ban flights over trouble hot spots – an annotated infographic

July 23, 2014

Airlines around the world are addressing global trouble spots by cancelling or rerouting flights to avoid them. A new sense of urgency is being displayed in dealing with global trouble spots, following the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine. U.S. and European airlines have already cancelled flights to Israel’s Tel Aviv airport due to the ongoing conflict there.

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Air traffic: global hot spots to avoid

Air traffic: global hot spots to avoid

Malaysia Airlines #MH17 – clues to the plane’s final moments – an annotated infographic

July 22, 2014

Aviation and defence experts say that chemical residue on wreckage could confirm the type of weapon that brought down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

The location of debris could yield information on how the attack unfolded and evidence of shrapnel in aircraft panels could confirm that the plane was hit by a SA-11 Buk missile.

The black boxes could offer vital clues as well, with the explosion captured by the cockpit voice recorder, and the data recorders, which register altitude and position, would be able to tie that information to the timing of any known missile launch in the area detected by U.S. National Reconnaissance Office satellites.

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Flight MH17: final moments

Flight MH17: final moments

@UN World Urbanization Prospects report – half the world lives in urban areas – an annotated infographic

July 22, 2014

According to figures featured in the UN’s World Urbanization Prospects report, more than half of the global population currently lives in urban areas. That proportion is projected to reach two-thirds by 2050. So much for the vaunted dream of giving up the rat race and escaping to the country. Seems like the rat race is most definitely still on and is picking up speed.

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Global urban population figures

Global urban population figures


Malaysia Airlines #MH17 – facts, rumours, accusations and threats – FOUR annotated infographics

July 21, 2014

With investigations in to precisely what happened and who was responsible for the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 moving considerably faster than the investigations in to precisely what happened and who was responsible for the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, here we offer four infographics.

These range from the first news of the incident (bottom), when only the bare facts of the plane’s crash were known, up to the most recent direct accusation of Russian complicity in the attack, as voiced by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (top).

For the latest facts, revelations, nation accusations and on-the-spot photo reportage, search Twitter for the hashtag #MH17. It does not make for reassuring reading. This could all end very badly indeed.

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Flight MH17: US accuses Russia

Flight MH17: US accuses Russia


Flight MH17: BUK missile attack

Flight MH17: BUK missile attack


Flight MH17: Russian military links

Flight MH17: Russian military links


Flight MH17 crash

Flight MH17 crash

#FormulaE Championship 2014-2015 – race season details – two annotated infographics

July 21, 2014

Later this year, ten cities around the world will play host to an experiment to use racing to push electric vehicle design as Formula E takes to the streets.

In the spring of 2011 Jean Todt of Formula One’s organising body FIA said it was time for the organisation to look at a type of race that would showcase technologies designed to deal with the environmental problems of motor transport. In September of this year, the 11 teams with all-electric open-wheeled race cars will head to one of the most polluted cities on Earth – Beijing – to kick off the first series of Formula E.

The inaugural Formula E season will be contested over 10 rounds beginning with the first race on September 13 2014 and the last in June 2015.

E&T magazine has an exclusive feature about Formula E online now.

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Formula E overview

Formula E overview


Formula E race calendar

Formula E race calendar

E&T magazine – engineering and technology goes outdoors in our wild issue – available online now

July 16, 2014

The new issue of E&T magazine is available online now: this time, it’s the wild issue. Grrr.

It’s our summer special, which comes with a sense of adventure and a taste for the big outdoors and wild animals. Engineering and technology reach into every corner of our planet, no matter how wild and remote, and that reach is growing as technologies get smaller, cheaper and more capable. We look at how drones, once the expensive preserve of military and other western government budgets, are flying into the far-flung corners of the world, finding new life-or-death roles in detecting poachers in Africa – or at least they were until a ban this summer.

We look at how scientists attach electronic tags to tiny beasts that fly or swim, as the electronics shrink in size and cost to the point where tags are small enough even for the backs of bees. Scientists also need to keep an eye on animals that are up to no good, such as invasive species spreading so fast that they become a threat to indigenous wildlife.

We also look at electric vehicles, from electric motorbikes and Formula E to aeroplanes; how some UK manufacturers are bringing production back home from overseas; roof-top planted urban gardens; smart thermostats; the role and rise of the chief data officer; the life and times of Mikhail Kalashnikov; the results of our LGBT survey; and much more.

Check out E&T’s wild issue online now.

E&T issue 7 2014

E&T issue 7 2014

#CostaConcordia cruise ship wreck refloated for scrap – an annotated infographic

July 14, 2014

Italian engineers have started an operation to refloat the Costa Concordia in preparations for the wreck to be towed away for scrap.

The once luxurious 290-metre long cruise ship, now covered with rust, has been raised approximately two metres from the platform on which it has been resting since it was first lifted from the seabed about a year ago.

To lift the shipwreck, the engineers pumped air into 30 large metal boxes, or sponsons, attached around the hull of the 114,500 tonne ship. The air forced out the water in the sponsons, lifting the vessel off the underwater platform.

The ship will be further stabilised with chains and cables before tug boats move it about 30 metres into the harbour, where it will be prepared to be towed within days to Genoa in northern Italy, to be scrapped.

E&T news covered the Costa Concordia salvage operation in full earlier today.

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Hooray and up she rises

Hooray and up she rises

E&T news weekly #10 – we choose our favourite news stories from the week

July 11, 2014

Friday July 11 2014

  Aasha Bodhani Faster Wi-Fi for UK commuter trains

Nowadays, every commuter expects freely available and faster Wi-Fi on their travels, well thanks to Network Rail failing to meet punctuality targets; part of its multimillion-pound penalty will go towards installing faster Wi-Fi speeds on trains. The project is expected to last over a four year period, as commuters travelling on busy routes across England and Wales, such as London, Bedford, Brighton, Portsmouth and Leeds will experiences faster internet access.

Daily digital banking transactions near £1bn in UK

Digital banking is finally being embraced by the British public as digital banking transactions have almost reached £1bn a day according to the British Bankers Association and EY. Also announced is the rise of contactless cards, as spending increased to £6.1m a week this year compared to £3.2m in 2013. It would appear, the negative perception around digital and contactless spending, is not much of a concern, however this adoption will result in the closure of unprofitable bank branches.

Aasha Bodhani, assistant technology features editor


  Jonathan Wilson Energy-saving pan builds on rocket science

The idea that technological principles derived from research in to jet engines and rocket propulsion have filtered down to create the ultimate fast-boiling saucepan is pretty cool. As a devotee of the mashed potato (the food, not the dance), I applaud any new development that speeds up the hob-to-table process.

London busses to go cashless from Sunday

Having ‘enjoyed’ the transitional changes on London’s buses, from the days when an on-board conductor issued tickets and carried spare change in a leather satchel, to cash customers having to pre-purchase a ticket from a machine on the street (an exercise in frustration if short of coins, or encountering a broken machine, in the rain, at night, with your homeward-bound bus bearing down on the stop), the announcement by Transport for London that passengers can now simply use a contactless bank card to pay for ad hoc tickets is very welcome news.

Jonathan Wilson, online managing editor


  Dickon Ross Fashion focus could give UK lead in wearable technology

It could be a big industry for the UK if fashion designers get to work on it.

Dickon Ross, Editor-in-Chief

3D printing allows hands-on approach to ancient artefacts

An interesting application for 3D printers certainly, but not the quite the same as the real thing. Why? Because you know it isn’t the real thing.

Dickon Ross, editor-in-chief


  Abi Grogan Hurricane tracking drones designed by students

I interviewed America’s most prolific hurricane chaser, the late Tim Samaras, for E&T magazine. He would have been excited to see more sophisticated equipment being developed to discover more about storms.

Abi Grogan, assistant engineering features editor


  Edd Gent BAE unveils futuristic aerospace technologies

BAE has revealed some ‘drawing board’ aerospace technologies that it believes could be in use by 2040. Predictions about technology on that kind of timescale are prone to being inaccurate, but they’re nonetheless entertaining and it’s good to see companies allowing their engineers to be creative.

Edd Gent, online news reporter


  James Hayes IBM to invest $3bn in future of semiconductors

This investment reflects IBM’s commitment to playing the long game when it comes to being a major influencer in the development of computing technology at all levels, and its understanding that more and more aspects of ICT – such as optical transmission – can be shrunk onto integrated circuits. It spotted the potential of carbon nanoelectronics earlier than most, and that’s largely because it makes a point of including scientists from a range of specialisms in its multidisciplinary R&D programmes.

James Hayes, technology features editor


  dominic-lenton Labour backs carbon capture and storage ahead of elections

It’s refreshing to see the political sabre-rattling ahead of next year’s general election moving beyond the headline issues of the economy and immigration. I wonder how many people will cast their vote based on how parties are planning to address longer-term challenges like climate change though?

3D printing allows hands-on approach to ancient artefacts

The reopened Imperial War Museum is a great example of how technology is bringing the past to life, but there are still lots of places where the stuff of history is behind glass cases or carries a ‘do not touch’ signs. Lancaster University and Kendal Museum have used an increasingly affordable bit of engineering to put objects thousands of years old into the hands of schoolchildren without worrying about how fragile they are.

Dominic Lenton, managing editor

ExoMars: Meet Bridget, Brian and Bruno

July 10, 2014

One of the most exciting projects currently under way in the European space sector – ExoMars – a mission to land the first European rover on Mars. About a third of the size of Curiosity, its American older brother, ExoMars will search for signs of past and present life under the surface of the Red Planet.

E&T Magazine’s reporter Tereza Pultarova visited the facilities of Airbus Defence and Space in Stevenage, the UK, where this fascinating project is being brought to life.

The ExoMars engineers built a Mars Yard inside Airbus’s facilities in Stevenage, to test the rover in real-life conditions.

Watch to following video to meet Bridget, Bruno and Brian, three design iterations of the Exomars rover and listen to Ralph Cordey, the Head of Science at Airbus Stevenage, and Abbie Hutty, an ExoMars team member.

With the rover scheduled for launch in 2018, the engineers are busy to get the rover ready for final integration and testing.




E&T celebrates its 500th blog post @WordPressdotcom

July 9, 2014

With one triumphant press of the Publish button, we deliver the 500th post on our WordPress blog.

From humble beginnings in 2010, we have subsequently welcomed over 250,000 visitors, whom we have hopefully entertained and informed with our broad, technical coverage of engineering and technology matters.

Naturally, the E&T team were cock-a-hoop at the news of this blogging landmark.

The E&T team, earlier today

The E&T team, yesterday

There were some felicitous words of congratulations. Then someone suggested we go to the pub to celebrate. We went to our local, The Electromagnetic Inductor’s Arms. The bartender is an idiot, but he serves a decent pint.

E&T's local

E&T’s local


There was some drinking, some dancing. Rumours of romancing remain unconfirmed at time of writing.

Party on, dudes

Party on, dudes


As the evening wore on and the partying grew harder, things got a little out of hand.

Call the cops!

Call the cops!


Come the morning, though, everyone was back to normal and ready to face another rip-roaring day in the offices at E&T Towers.

Office drones' hive

Office drones’ hive


Having sobered up, we would like to thank everyone that has ever visited our engineering and technology blog. It is your engagement with our content that inspires us to continue writing. We hope you will join us for the next 500 posts.

From the bottom of our digital hearts

From the bottom of our digital hearts


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