#BBCmicrobit micro computer free to one million schoolchildren – an annotated infographic

For those of a certain age, the words “BBC Micro” will evoke memories of playing simplistic, heavily pixellated but nonetheless incredibly thrilling computer games in the school IT cupboard, having booked it for that one precious hour a week under the guise of learning computer programming. Quite what we learned from Arcade Action – beyond the necessary action required in the event of alien invasion of Planet Earth – remains a mystery. Good times, nonetheless.

Now a new generation of young programmers/alien blasters will be well served by this new Beeb computer, cutely called the BBC micro:bit, deftly positioning the diminutive motherboard as a firmly future-facing device yet with an affectionate retro nod to the past.

The BBC is to give away one million of these miniature micro:bit computers to British schoolchildren in a drive to teach them how computers work.

E&T news reported this BBC micro:bit news story last week.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

BBC micro:bit
BBC micro:bit

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