New issue of E&T magazine now online – the #Brexit issue – who’s in, who’s out, what do those @TheIET think?

For our readers who don’t live in the UK, or for those who have managed to miss it by living as hermits on a remote island with no power and a sign reading ‘no junk mail – beware of the lion’ on the door, there will be a UK referendum on its membership of the European Union in a couple of months’ time.

“It’s a big decision,” starts the government leaflet sent out last week, “one that will affect you, your family and your children for decades to come.” It’s complex too; there are so many factors for everyone to consider.

It should also matter to you as engineers because it will affect engineering. Many science and engineering organisations have been putting forward their views and the IET will join them by publishing a public statement. “We are calling for urgent discussion on the impact of an exit decision on a sector that is so vital to our country’s economy,” says IET President Naomi Climer.

We kick off the debate in this issue.

Read all about the issues surrounding Brexit for engineering and technology professionals:

Brexit: weigh up the way out
Brexit: weigh up the way in – or out

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