Smoking vs Vaping – the good and the bad – two contrasting infographics

According to our good friends at, smoking costs the UK’s economy £12.9billion a year. That’s a staggering 11-figure sum (12, 900, 000, 000)!

With 2.8 million people in the UK known to vape, is vaping the more virtuous option? What of the rumours and fears of potential nosebleeds and the vaper’s cough?

What are the relative merits and pitfalls of smoking and vaping?

  • 60 per cent of smokers find it hard to last a whole day without smoking
  • 454,700 NHS hospital admissions are attributable to smoking
  • Cigarettes are the single most traded item on the planet with one trillion sold from country to country each year
  • The NHS found 2 of 3 people using e-cigarettes quit successfully in 2015
  • Most e-liquids only have 4 ingredients compared to 7000 in cigarettes
  • Some of the ingredients in e-liquids are found in medical products such as inhalers

Consider these two contrasting infographics, detailing the details of smoking and vaping.

Naturally, there is also a third way: not smoking either.

Click on either graphic for an expanded view.




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