E&T magazine – engineering and technology goes outdoors in our wild issue – available online now

The new issue of E&T magazine is available online now: this time, it’s the wild issue. Grrr.

It’s our summer special, which comes with a sense of adventure and a taste for the big outdoors and wild animals. Engineering and technology reach into every corner of our planet, no matter how wild and remote, and that reach is growing as technologies get smaller, cheaper and more capable. We look at how drones, once the expensive preserve of military and other western government budgets, are flying into the far-flung corners of the world, finding new life-or-death roles in detecting poachers in Africa – or at least they were until a ban this summer.

We look at how scientists attach electronic tags to tiny beasts that fly or swim, as the electronics shrink in size and cost to the point where tags are small enough even for the backs of bees. Scientists also need to keep an eye on animals that are up to no good, such as invasive species spreading so fast that they become a threat to indigenous wildlife.

We also look at electric vehicles, from electric motorbikes and Formula E to aeroplanes; how some UK manufacturers are bringing production back home from overseas; roof-top planted urban gardens; smart thermostats; the role and rise of the chief data officer; the life and times of Mikhail Kalashnikov; the results of our LGBT survey; and much more.

Check out E&T’s wild issue online now.

E&T issue 7 2014
E&T issue 7 2014

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