#Apple still the world’s most valuable brand – least surprising news story of the day – an annotated infographic

In a news revelation on a par with such unremarkable headlines as “Earth still round”, “Pope still Catholic”, “Bears still pooping in the woods” and “Kanye West still a complete tool” comes the announcement that Apple has once again retained its top spot as the world’s most valuable brand, according to consultancy Brand Finance.

So, you’re telling us that Apple once again enjoyed both an embarrassment of riches and also a multitude of end-user warm fuzzies? No shizz, Sherlock.

The concept of being a valuable brand is based on perceived commercial value, derived from a combination of brand strength and financial data. It’s pretty clear that Apple scores highly on all fronts.

Arch-rivals Samsung, Google and Microsoft trail some distance behind, presumably peering desperately through the dust at Apple’s rapidly receding heels through their phablets, Glasses and Windows Phones. This just in from Apple HQ in Cupertino: “Nice to see ya: wouldn’t want to be ya!”

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Apple: Quite Popular
Apple: Quite Popular

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