New book blog: Keeping the world moving with ‘Energy: All That Matters’ by Paul L Younger

The probEnergy All That Matterslem of the lights going out may only be a notional one for most of the industrialised world, but many believe that it’s going to prove to be the defining topic of our age.

As uncertainty over the long-term availability of resources leads to massive price volatility, is there a large-scale energy crisis on the horizon, and what can we do to the keep the world moving while addressing the broad consensus about the threat of climate change? Doing nothing is hardly a credible option, but the technical and socio-economic challenges are almost overwhelming.

For anyone seeking a broad introduction to the issues that looks at scientific, engineering, environmental, social and economic dimensions in a concise way comes the latest addition to the ‘All That Matters’ series, in which Professor Paul Younger of the University of Glasgow offers an authoritative overview in a single easy to read, pocket-size book.

With a background in earth sciences and environmental engineering, Professor Paul Younger has some 30 years’ experience in the water, mining and energy industries. One of the best features of this unique take on the emerging energy trilemma is a ‘100 ideas’ section which unlike a reading list suggests a hundred aspects of the subject to look into from pioneers of engineering to half a dozen energy movies worth watching.

‘Energy: All That Matters’ by Paul L Younger is published by John Murray, price £8.99, ISBN 9781473601888

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