Droning on about #drones at the #ParisAirShow – an annotated infographic

Drones, eh? They’re everywhere these days. If they’re not helping to inspect EasyJet planes, they’re analysing the performance of the UK’s Olympic BMX cyclists so they can perfect their mad skillz to grab gold, or helping student code-breakers hone their cyber-craft. And that’s just this week.

These tend to be your portable drones, mind you, the type you could happily fly in your own back garden (but definitely not in London’s St. James’ Park, no sirree bob). On display at the forthcoming Paris Air Show, there’s going to be some whoppers – the type the military love to lob over foreign lands.

Aerospace companies from the United States, Europe and Israel will exhibit some of the latest technological advances in UAVs at the 51st Paris Air Show – the largest and longest-running aerospace trade show in the world, no less. The skies above Le Bourget will be chock-a-block with drones from June 15-21.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Dem drones, dem dry drones
Dem drones, dem dry drones

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