New issue of #EandT magazine now online – #AugmentedReality special – AR brings E&T to life

The latest issue of E&T magazine is available online now. It’s our augmented reality special, looking at the myriad ways AR technology can be applied to engineering and technology. It’s also a very interactive special, so if you have a paper copy to hand there are plenty of pages waiting to leap in to life.

E&T magazine: AR special
E&T magazine: AR special

We look at the Google Glass project (as seen on the cover of the new issue); how augmented reality could soon have a serious impact on the defence, medical and education industries; the ways in which retailers are turning to augmented reality to drive sales, brand reinforcement, customer relationships, and to improve the shopping experience; whether AR has a useful place in the industrial sector; how augmented reality can be used to deliver more immersive travel and learning experiences; and finally at how to develop AR apps, so we can all jump on the AR bandwaggon and cash in.

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