#Skylab space station launched 40 years ago – an annotated graphic

May 14, 1973: America launched its first space station, Skylab. June 29, 1979: James Bond’s first space adventure Moonraker opened in cinemas. This is not a coincidence.

July 11, 1979: NASA plans to boost Skylab to a higher orbit using the snazzy new Space Shuttle, but that project gets delayed and Skylab ultimately disintegrates on re-entry to the earth’s atmosphere, raining debris down on the peculiarly Scottish-sounding Balladonia region of Western Australia. More Skyfall than Skylab, one might say.

Space fans can enjoy our infographic today about the history of Skylab, below.

We’ve also included the tremendously exciting movie poster for Moonraker, just for fun. “Outer space now belongs to 007” – in your face, NASA! James Bond fans might also enjoy this entertaining essay rating Skyfall vs Moonraker, to determine which is actually the more exciting James Bond film.

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

Skylab celebrates 40th anniversary
Skylab celebrates 40th anniversary
Moonraker movie poster
Moonraker movie poster

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